Next Journey offers NJ residents a chance at a New Start!


Recovering alone is hard–We’re here to help. Through over 30 years of industry experience, our team ensures that our residents are given the tools needed to live life in recovery. We pride ourselves on providing beautiful homes at affordable rates that help you succeed.
Convenient Location

Our homes are located within walking distance of public transportation, local 12 step meetings and close to several major highways.

Sober Living

Sober Living is a residence where adults recovering from substance use disorder live as a collective family unit. Our residents learn how to live and enjoy life without the use of mind or mood altering substances.

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Next Journey Sober Living was founded to help our local community fight back against the disease of addiction. As people in long term recovery ourselves, we know what it takes to stay recovered. Our ownership team is local and we take the time to learn each resident’s individual needs. Recovery is our passion and to us, every resident is worth it.

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About Our Homes

Rock bottom is when you stop digging.
At Next Journey we pride ourselves on affordable, clean, and comfortable homes where our residents can grow and recover. Our highly experienced and trained staff ensures a safe, nurturing, and highly accountable environment. Our sober living homes provide the highest quality recovery-based services for a variety of addictions such as; drugs, alcoholism, opiates, pain management, and prescription medicine misuse. Next Journey residents also have the option for medication-assisted recovery (buprenorphine, suboxone, naltrexone, sublocade and more) while under the supervision of an outside medical doctor of their choosing.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober Living allows men and women in early recovery a safe place to live and grow while building a foundation for a new way of life. Sober Living puts you in a 24/7 supportive community with others who are striving to maintain long-term sobriety. With the support provided to one another, there is a special bond built between residents that can last a lifetime.


The key component of every quality sober living home is residents’ commitment to abstaining from alcohol & substance use and the organization’s commitment to providing clean, safe recovery conducive environments. A top notch sober living home organization will help willing residents develop new habits and routines, get acclimated in the workforce and apply tools learned in inpatient treatment to your daily life.


When faced with challenges in early sobriety (and there will be challenges), sober living can be the crucial piece for providing the support you need to keep on your recovery journey.

Why Choose Next Journey?

We've been there.
Fast, Easy Admission Process

Description: Our Admissions team is on standby 24/7 for same-day or scheduled intakes.

Weekly Activities

Bowling, Golf, Basketball and Softball, just to name a few! It is imperative to have fun in recovery!

Local Treatment Options

Next Journey encourages outpatient treatment. Our team can help connect our residents with local providers that fit their needs.

Accountability Is Key

To ensure we maintain a safe environment of recovery, residents are required to perform random drug screens (including alcohol and fentanyl), attend self-help meetings (AA, NA, etc.) and abide by all house rules.


We understand that the time leading up to a sober living home admission can be stressful, to say the least. That’s why our admission process is fast and efficient. A pre-admission assessment is done by phone with the prospective resident. During this process, we determine if the client will be accepted. If we are a good fit for the client, we then coordinate a time for the new resident’s arrival. The whole admission process can be completed in less than an hour.
Once the admission process is complete, now the work begins! Next Journey Sober Living is very hands on as far as management and structure. This allows us to individualize each client’s program to best fit their needs. There are a few general guidelines – outpatient treatment requirement (IOP) at a program of their choosing, self-help meeting requirements (AA, NA, etc.), nightly curfew (11pm), assigned chores to make sure our homes stay clean, random drug testing and obtaining employment are a few of the staples.
Technically, yes – but again, our structure is individualized for each person. IOP, AA/NA meetings, seeing family/children and job interviews are some examples of good reasons to leave the house during the “blackout period” which typically lasts for two weeks or so. If you are approved for leaving the house during blackout, we ask for increased communication with your house manager during your time out.
Yes, you may have all of these things, even during that blackout period. We may ask you to keep your car parked unless you receive approval to use it for the first two weeks, however. If bringing a small TV, it may go on top of your dresser, not mounted on the wall. There is no cable in the bedrooms but you may use streaming services through our WiFi.
Yes, all of our houses have a bus stop within walking distance.
Your sponsor may come over to do step work with approval from your house manager. Your family can come over to check out the house, see where you live and meet management. Other than that, visitors are typically not permitted.
Accordion Content
Clothing, toiletries, food and laundry detergent. Bedding and pillows are provided.
Yes, all of our houses have laundry machines on site. However, you must provide your own detergent.
Food is not provided. However, you have designated storage for your food in the kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. You may cook in the full kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner or order takeout!

The Move-In-Fee is $600. This includes a $250 non-refundable deposit and the first two weeks of rent. Following the first two weeks, rent is $185 weekly.

*For residents moving in with no financial resources, we have some basic food donations and house laundry detergent available*

Multiple locations in South Jersey

- Four recovery homes in Camden County - Runnemede Men's, Runnemede Women's, Sicklerville Men's, Laurel Springs Men's
- Three recovery homes in Gloucester County - Woodbury Men's
- All of our locations are Class-F Licensed and monitored by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
My name is Joe and I recently attended Next Journey and had nothing but great experiences. The housing was extremely clean, professional, well ran and the structured environment really helped me get acclimated to my life. It gave me a sense of who I am again and not only did I see a great change in myself, but so did my family, friends, and those I've wronged in my addiction. Now I am living a successful and happy life in sobriety and am grateful for companies like Next Journey who care about continued success in others sobriety. If you are looking for a new start and success from your struggles, do not hesitate to give this organization a call so you can have the same success I have received. One of the best choices I have made!
Joe Collins
Joe Collins
Excellent team and amazing houses. Staff is very caring and all around just great people who are very strong in the recovery world. I highly recommend !!!!
Richard McIlhenny
Richard McIlhenny
Patience, tolerance, and most of all was showed to me. Something I grew up without. I came in broken, hurt, dealing with grief and now a drug problem. I wasn't told how to live again, I was showed. I becoming a man mentally, I've learned how to deal with emotions, and I've learned how to communicate with others. I don't know if I could of done it without Tim and Next Journey. So thank you Tim and Ty Justin. " Real Recovery"
J r
J r
It’s been a life changing experience since moving into Next journey sober living.. they saved my life an I am forever grateful💜💜💜
Danielle Hinch
Danielle Hinch
I highly recommend next journey sober living! The people are nice, friendly and respectful. Next journey kept me accountable taught me responsibility and today I can say I have 17 months clean time. In that time I was able to pay off my fines get my license back, purchase a car and re-establish relationships with family and friends.
Kyle Christy
Kyle Christy
Genuine passion, compassion and care for the individuals they help house and guide. In a capitalistic society the purpose, morality and structure of their vision hasn’t waivered. Good people helping good people get better.
Jay Bosse
Jay Bosse


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